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  1. Hi Victoria, I'd love to do an interview or guest post with you with an ARC giveaway at Literary Rambles when your book releases. Please e-mail me at to let me know if you're interested.

  2. Hi Victoria! On Saturday, the e-book version of RED QUEEN was in the #9 spot in the Kids &Teen section of the Books A Million online store. I noticed because I blog at where I compose a weekly top ten list from the most popular e-book stores. If you'd like to be featured in an interview, contact me at It’s easy – you pick the questions you like. Congratulations on your success!

  3. Hello! Maybe you're a very committed woman to the point of totally ignoring my comment. (Maybe not).
    Not preucupe, I am too used to being ignored.
    But I wanted to tell you that I admire his work as an author!
    I am Brazilian, I live in a city in which it is practically excluded Mundia map!
    And amazingly his book has come down to this end of the world! (My city) haha
    I wish I could have the honor of listening to the answers of questions in which I lose sleepless night in relation to its book!
    Answers where only an incredible author as you can answer!

    If you have a time livre..seria an honor to receive an e-mail her!
    My email:

  4. Hi, I don't actually know if you'll answer this message or not, but I'll write it anyway, hoping you'll answer back,
    I just wanted to say I absolutely admire your work and I've loved "Red Queen", all of it. I would really like to tell you more and perhaps (if I'm lucky) chat a bit...
    If you have some time... I'd be honored and deadly excited to hear from you.
    You can conctact me at:

  5. Dear Victoria,
    I have recently discovered that in your novel, red queens, you quote the Disney movie "Mulan." The scen "Would you like to stay for dinner," is clearly taken from Mulan

    1. I completely agree with you!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I reblogged a quote on my tumblr from one of those "incorrect quotes" tumblrs with my characters doing a scene from Mulan. You misunderstood the joke.

  6. Dear Victoria,
    I have recently discovered that in your novel, red queens, you quote the Disney movie "Mulan." The scen "Would you like to stay for dinner," is clearly taken from Mulan

    1. I reblogged a quote on my tumblr from one of those "incorrect quotes" tumblrs with my characters doing a scene from Mulan. You misunderstood the joke.

      No need to sign in from multiple accounts to say the same, wrong, thing.

    2. yeah totally agree (I love you Victoria!!!!!!)
      from Carolina

  7. i do not know what you mean. I have not been signing in to multiple accounts. But it is not just me who was confused. Thank you for the clarification.

  8. hi was wondering if red is going to made into a third book

  9. Hello Victoria! I just ordered your enovellas and am excited to read them. Should I read Queen Song and Steel Scars first or your main series first? Thank you in advance for replying.

  10. Hi Victoria,

    My name is Elle and I am in year seven. I love to read and I came upon your book The Red Queen. I read it and by the 1st chapter I was hooked. I was so interested in your book I rounded up a few questions to ask you.

    1. Where did you get the idea of the Red Queen?

    2. Are you going to be doing another book in this series after the Glass Sword and do you wish to make these books into a film?

    3. What was your favourite subject in school and what was your motivation to study this subject hard?

    4. Is there any tips on how to write an awesome story for a young person like me?

    5. What was your inspiration to write books?

    There are all my questions.Reading your books just takes me to a different place and every time I see someone looking for a good book I always tell them to read the Red Queen. It would be so great if you could reply to me. I really enjoy reading your books and you are a very inspiring person.


    From Elle
    Please reply it would mean a lot to me

  11. I really just wanted to ask you what your favourite part to write about was in your book...

  12. WHY YOU TAKE SO LONG TO WRITE THINGS?!?!?!?! DO YOU KNOW THE TORTURE OF HAVING TO WAIT SO LONG FOR AN AWESOME SERIES TO CONTINUE?!?! GRRR! Now that I', done with my anger, Hi, my name is Anastashia and I love your books, Mare and Cal, and everyone else, are such amazing characters and I adore them. I myself am an aspiring writer and your books make me shrink in fear of the people I'm trying to live up too. If you don't mind, would you like to read a bit of my book? I posted it on Writers Cafe

  13. Are there going to be auditions for Red Queen's movie?

  14. Hello Victoria, I'm doing a report about you and I was just wondering if you have any interesting about yourself. It would make me the happiest person in the world if I got to know more about you! I look up to you and hope I get to know more about you! P.S. The project is due in January. Thanks!

  15. Letter to the Author
    November 15th, 2016

    Dear Victoria Aveyard,
    My name is Samantha. I'm in grade 9 at Pensionnat Saint Nom de Marie in Montreal. For our English class, we were required to write a letter to the author of a book of our choice. I chose your book "Red Queen". I found your book captivating and couldn't stop reading until I finished it.
    There are different aspects that form my opinion on the book. My favourite one is the characters, especially the main one, Mare Barrow. I think she's a strong character who fights for what she believes in and for her loved ones. I appreciate her humour, sarcasm and kindness as well. In addition, the relationships between the different characters are also one of the aspects that make the book great. I especially liked the relationship Mare had with Cal and Julian.
    In general, the story is really good and elaborate. I think that the "Red Queen" world is well thought out and very interesting. Most of the time, it was easy to imagine Nora's country in my head. However, sometimes throughout the book, I had some difficulty understanding some parts of the story or of the decor because the description was too detailed. Maybe that's something that could be improved. I still haven't read the rest of the series so I don't know if this aspect has improved.
    In conclusion, I love your book. It's interesting, captivating and the plot was moving from the beginning to the end. I hope that you will continue to write books in the future because I appreciate your writing style and your way of thinking.


    Samantha Perez

  16. Normally I don't post a lot, but I am hoping it will reach others. I am just finishing King's Cage and all I can think is thank you for making Mare so relatable, as in we all have our own silent stone holding us back. To me, it relates to depression and how it just drains you. It also leads to the fact that we all have that unique spark inside of us. We just need to find it and find the people that let us shine with it. Find those people and let them in and learn. All of this is so much easier to say than do but it definitely put a new spin on things and is helping me embrace myself and hold those I care about even closer. I hope that if you read this that you can fight your silent stone, whatever it may be. @VictoriaAveyard thank you! #FreeMare

    Katie Larimer

    1. What is your silent stone? Or what inspired it? #vaveyard

  17. Victoria I´m in love with your books, they are just perfect!!!!
    Yesterday I finished the King´s Cage and I´m really shock. I can´t wait for the fourth book because I have to know what happens with Mare and Cal, I hope that they will finally be toghether as the queen and king of Norta.
    thanks for your books!!!!!!!!!!
    with love, Carolina Mata (from Spain)

  18. Dear Victoria Aveyard,

    Hello, my name is Justice and as my 9th grade summer reading I choose to read Red Queen. One of the projects I choose to do was to contact you and tell you my opinions on your book. I'm supposed to tell you what I was feeling while reading and things like that, so Here we go.

    First I’ll start out by saying you have made an amazing book that made me come back 10 minutes after putting it down. I loved the scene during the queensestial (sorry if I spelled that wrong) were Mare found out she had powers Even though it was pretty obvious after she turned the lights back on in her house. I was thinking woah that doesn't really seem like something anyone else can do and it turned out it wasn't. I loved how you made the queen like this omnipotent force that could destroy you with the flick of her wrist but later you find out she actually can be scared. I also loved the ball scene how you mixed multiple genres together even if they were subtle it really got me thinking about Cal and Mare.

    Oddly enough this book made me think about who my real friends are and how I can be better to them. It made me think “Hey maybe doing something crazy every once and awhile isn't that bad after all.” It made me think how I need to balance my life out more and not waste my time on people who don't care about me.

    Like I said earlier I overall really loved this book and how it made you think in so many directions at once. Anybody who loves dystopian universe stuff would absolutely love this book. As you’ve probably figured out I'm a huge dystopian fan myself and it was very interesting how you threw in snippets of different dystopian universe books into yours. I really loved reading this book and I couldn't but it down, and i’ll definitely be reading the sequels.

    In conclusion thank you for making Red Queen, and thank you for reading this. I know you probably have much more important things to be doing than to be reading my letter to you. Thank you for taking your time to read this (if you are), and to continue making great books.


    Justice K.

  19. hi Victoria, I love your books they are perfect!!!!!!
    I want to become a writer, could you give me some tips????? please, It woud be great!!!!

  20. Dear Victoria,
    First I'm going to say is that I love your books! I can't wit until War storm comes out! Your writing is extremely good! (The detail, especially during battle scenes feel so real!) Your books are so interesting, because of the complicated plots and characters ! You don't have to answer my questions, but I would really like to know what is going to happen in the next book!
    Do we get multiple perspectives?
    Does Evangeline get a happy ending?
    Does Farley live?
    Does Kilorn live?
    Also, I hear rumor about making a movie? I would love to know more about it!!!

  21. This is random but I’m in high school and me and my friends are sooo obsessed with your Red Queen series.....I literally read the first three books in less than a month!!! My friends and I always talk about what if Red Queen was made into a movie and who would the cast be. You have no idea how happy it would make us if Red Queen was made into a movie!!!! I’ve been hearing rumors about it being a movie but I don’t know if it’s true. If u can, could you confirm somehow that it is being made into a movie?? That would be sooo amazing if it is being made into a movie!!!!�� Thxs for taking time to read this!

  22. Are you coming to New York for the war storm tour & and do you know when the dates will be? Please answer if you have the time!thank you

  23. Victoria,
    My name is Aysha, I am fourteen years old. I am from Jacareí, interior de São Paulo, inthe neighboshood Salvador.
    I live with my mother and my dogs.
    I am a person who always think before acting, my attitudes are well thought out.
    I was in a bookstore looking for a book, and her book soon caught my attention, i was keen to see what the Red Queen was about.
    I simply loved every word, the contents of the book, the way things are, and i can not wait to read the second.
    Your book made me enter into a totally different world.
    And my god how Evangeline irritates me. I really thought the Marven was a good person more than ever. I thought at suited Mare.
    Mare' s moments weth Cal, such as when they danced together, or even the firt time they saw lach other, i knew this was the real couple i wanted.
    I never wrote a letter to someone famous before, and if you answered me i would fell the happiest person.


    Regards Aysha

  24. Hi, I have a few questions for you regarding your books. Would you please respond as soon as you can. My email is if you would prefer to answer over email. The questions are as follows:

    Why did you incorporate the theme of betrayal into your books?

    What influenced you to create the divide between red and silver?

    What were the historical influences that motivated you?

    Were there any events from your childhood that influenced your writing?

    Do you relate to any of your characters in particular? Do you see yourself as one of them?

    Regards Scout

  25. Hi,
    My name is Gracie, I'm twelve years old and a BIG fan of yours. I live in Utah, and I love to read. Anyways I'm still reading glass sword at the moment, but I felt like I needed to let you know what a inspiration you are to me! Are you writing any new books at the moment?
    And are you ever going to make a Red Queen movie? [I sure hope so]
    Have a great day!!

  26. Dear Victoria,
    It has been a long journey through the twisted, but beautiful, world of your creation. I have to admit, although Divergent was my favorite book, yours was better. Every second I spend reading the Red Queen series (Especially War Storm) was an amazing story brought to life by love, strife, and even war. You gifted me, without knowing it, my love of books. Thank you. Thank you so much. Mare Barrow has inspired me to do things I could've never done alone. From now on, I carry her strength with me wherever I go. Also, you have given me what I need to start my own dystopian book series. I hope to publish it in the next few years.


    (If you have any extra time on your hands, please contact me about hints and tips for my upcoming novels)

    My friend group and I all thought that Kilorn had brown hair? Doesn't it seem that the fishboy should have a darker hair to go with his green eyes? Either way, he is great.