Monday, May 13, 2013

attempting to understand

I'm still reeling from today's news, so there won't be a proper post until I recover. Long story short, Universal optioned my book. Details can be found here: .

I studied screenwriting in college and next to writing, movies are my great love. Some of my earliest memories are of the Universal logo spinning around before I watched E.T. and the (forbidden) Jurassic Park. Forbidden because I was three. When my parents found me laughing and clapping at the T-Rex attacking Lex and Tim, they knew I was going to be a weird kid.

So this is a pretty big, emotional deal for me.


  1. Wow!! Congrats! Looking forward to reading the Red Queen!

  2. Yay!!! Congrats! Your book is going to take over the world, my friend, and I haven't even read it yet!

  3. Alsoooo I just 'nominated' you for a blogging award. You should check it out!