Saturday, June 22, 2013

Taiwan and Complex Chinese rights coming in hot!

My first sale in the eastern hemisphere! This a momentous occasion. And I'm dream-planning a crazy globe-trotting trip to make it to all my sale countries. Also, does this count as The Red Queen traveling around the world yet? We're so close to beating Magellan (because he never actually made it around the world and died when sailing through the Philippines. Fun fact: the only ship that made it back to Spain was the Victoria).

So excited to welcome Taiwan aboard the SS Red Queen and thanks to all the warriors at New Leaf, especially Kathleen Ortiz, for piloting the good ship around the world!


  1. Can I just say how amazing this is! Can you pack me in your suitecase when you travel th eworld on your release? I will be your minion and get whatever you want! lol. Congrats though. I am so excited to follow you on your publishing adventure. Hopefully you will make a stop in Arizona!

  2. Remember I am going on your world tour..........FYI