Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013, aka Year of the Life Changes

Inspired by dear Emma's year in review post on her blog. I figured I should do one because a) I haven't blogged in a while because I'm lazy and b) I owe it to this year to ramble a bit. Lots of weird and amazing stuff happened, due in very large part to the support of my family, friends, and the kickassery of New Leaf and Benderspink.

According to my email, on this day last year I finished Chapter 21 of The Red Queen. I sent it to Morgan, who had been bugging me for it, and my mom. In addition to the book, I was also in the early stages of a life crisis. The book was getting close to finished. And that meant what exactly? I briefly debated getting a job as an office administrator at the community college down the road, then very glamorously decided to be a middle school chauffeur instead. My mom's school doesn't utilize buses, so a lot of parents employed young, jobless college grads to ferry their kids home. I ended up driving three pretty awesome kids, made some pocket money, and actually left the house daily, which was a big deal for me. When I started driving the kids, I didn't have much of anything. By the time I picked them up for the last time in June, I was doing it with a book deal and a movie option. Safe to say, those kids were my good luck charm.

This past summer was pretty great, to say the least. Not stress free, because I am a ball of anxiety and cannot chill for my life, but as close to it as I get. And I was being an adult, which is weird for me. I had important phone calls and meetings with people who very graciously ignored my wide-eyed ineptitude. Now it's winter time, I'm sitting in the chair I wrote the majority of TRQ in, and it's snowing again, like it did for many dark writing days. I feel the same, but nothing is the same. And though I innately fear change, I'm pretty happy with what's changed in my life so far.

In 2013, I:
  • Finished my first novel
  • Did not break or sprain anything (big for me)
  • Saw two movies in the theater a total of FOUR times (Frozen and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug)
  • Bought my own car
  • Drove across the country
  • Followed a grizzly bear into the woods because my dad, brother, and I are not smart humans
  • Moved back to Los Angeles and participated in many games of beer pong with weird but wonderful idiots
  • Had to park in the goddamn Galaxy lot on the Fox studio lot (I hate that thing with the heat of 10,000 pots of wildfyre)
  • Talked about Game of Thrones more than a human should
  • Attended my first film premiere (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug) and saw Benedict Cumberbatch in the flesh (he is quite thin and well-dressed)
  • Vined Morgan too much, for which I will pay a terrible price one day
  • Finished a screenplay that was just plain fun
  • Bought too many books
  • Seriously, the Barnes & Noble people keep asking if I want a membership and audibly sigh when I say no
  • Found out I have the same taste as Morgan's mom (same bedspread and same car and same outlook on life in general)
  • Met and befriended so many awesome people through the lit world and twitter especially (Emma, I expect you to house me when I visit the beauty that is Canada and let me steal your cat)
  • Was not allowed to get a cat
  • Decided that Jennifer Lawrence wins everything and we should all just quit now
  • Got really good at airport security lines
  • Rushed a football field (USC vs. Stanford) and received a spectacular bruise from climbing down stadium seats
  • Debated getting back into Pokemon but decided I couldn't balance that and real life
  • Experienced the phenomenon of pure hate turning into pure love (Goddamn you REIGN)
  • Visited four national parks, Instagrammed all of them like the stereotype I am
  • Was actually snowed in, like could not get out of the driveway, if you need to go somewhere, you're doing it on skis snowed in
  • Got my first pedicure because I lead a glamorous life
  • Assembled a bookshelf NOT FROM IKEA
  • Still have never been to an Ikea
  • Ate real sushi or sashimi or whatever, it was a raw slab of fish and I liked it
  • Got thrown not one but TWO surprise parties (never had one before)
  • Got a nice haircut
  • Experienced all four seasons for the first time in four years
  • Assembled my dream desk space, complete with framed photos of Grand Teton and Kate Middleton
  • Still didn't get new glasses, the one thing I want in the world
  • Got fingerprinted (for a contract, calm down)
  • Started writing the sequel to my first novel
  • Frequented Target because its white fluorescence and DVD deals calm me
  • Warmed up to Los Angeles
  • Had very few bad days and many good days!
Thanks to everyone who made this year possible with their belief (and disbelief) in me. Everything that's happened was a product of many, many people. Except the bookshelf assembling. That was all me because Morgan wouldn't help.


  1. I will house you literally any time, for any length of time! And you can be a surrogate mother to my cat but you can't take her. Sorry. Get your own. Seriously, because I want to live vicariously through you when you have a kitten.

    Congrats on your unbelievably outstanding year! After reading your book (THANK YOU) I came to the conclusion that ALL of your success is more than deserved and I can't wait to read more!

  2. Wow you had a wonderful year. And you aren't the only one to see Frozen and Hobbit four times. I love those movies. I wish you the best this year and can't wait as the year closes toward your release of TRQ. Keep us update on the sequel!

  3. Wow you did a lot! In comparison my list would result in something like this : Read books, Played computer, Went to school. THE END! I did see Frozen, I NEED that movie as soon as it comes out.

    But anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you on the finishing of your first novel. I am greatly looking forward to it. Literally, I need it in my life as soon as it comes out. Goodreads synopsis added it was similar to Graceling which is one of my favorite books, so it is a must that I have it. It doesn't help that all the reviews loved it. So I am jealous of them and feel tortured to have to wait so long for it!