Monday, February 3, 2014

Swedish rights!

I've got some more awesome news coming down the pipeline later, but here's awesome stuff I can announce now. The wonderful Kathleen Ortiz and Co. has sold Swedish rights to The Red Queen! I wish I had a confetti gun to shoot around, but I also don't want to clean up confetti, so it's probably better that I don't.

From Publishers Marketplace:


  1. OMG! Congrats. You are just killing the world with your book! So awesome!

  2. Once again, congratulations! This proves that Red Queen is a successful novel. Actually, the first time I read it, it felt so magical and that's what is happening right now. Something you thought couldn't happened actually did happen right now. Magical right? Anyway, congrats with your Red Queen, Victoria! Keep it up :---) Rise, red as the dawn.