Friday, February 7, 2014


Somehow the languages keep coming in. And even though this is the extent of my Spanish:

I'm still over the freaking moon. The Red Queen will be published in Spanish, and my roommates who are way better at the language keep saying La Reina Roja. Me gusta!

Muchas gracias to Kathleen Ortiz and the rest of New Leaf!!

From PM:


  1. Muy bien! This is awesome! Congrats!

  2. Omg i'm so excited!!! Ya quiero tenerlo!

  3. Omg!! Que genial, ya tienes una fan y ni siquiera he leído el libro :) jajaja

  4. OH YESSS! I first found about the book on Goodreads and when I saw the book cover and read what this "Red Queen" was about I knew it had to be mine! As a spanish girl, I must admit that I'm not used to english reading, BUT I was starting to think about buying it anyway 'cause I want to read is so badly, but hey! now is going to be published in spanish, couldn't be happier!

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