Thursday, February 20, 2014

More About Eternal

So in addition to writing YA novels, I also write feature screenplays. The one in question, ETERNAL, was written last fall under the guidance of my reps, and sold this past January. News of the sale has finally broken, so I can finally say it happened!

Like everything that's happened with THE RED QUEEN, this is definitely a dream come true, albeit it a different one. I majored in screenwriting, and I have five features and two television pilots wasting away on my computer. So finally selling one has been kind of surreal to me, let alone the one I wrote fastest and without the crutch of a classroom. I won't lie, getting ETERNAL completed properly was hard. Going from novels to screenplays is a real pain, and kind of like relearning a language. But it's also amazing to have two projects going at once, in case you need a break from one.

Things are still developing, but very much moving forward with my awesome producers and Sony Pictures. I can't say much about the script yet, but I will say it concerns Greek gods in modern times, and finally allowed me to put my mythology knowledge to good use. The 8 year-old girl with her nose buried in Edith Hamilton is finally vindicated!


  1. Congratulations on the spec sale! As an amateur screenwriter myself, I am so happy for you. I read about the sale, and thought the premise (vague as it is) was pretty interesting. I look forward to following along with your new adventure.

  2. Thats incredible! (However creepy this must sound coming from a complete stranger) Congratulations! I once fooled myself into believing that you could major in mythology and find a related job haha (although now I'm pursuing something equally as obtainable: acting). Keep up the scribbling, I can't wait to see the finished product! And hey, if you ever need an actress for anything I am an email away haha!
    Sending positive vibes for the rest of your projects!

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  5. Congratulations! This only implies that you are a talented person working in so many fields in literature and arts. Just keep up the good work and I'm pretty sure that you'll be more successful than you'll ever be. I'm so proud of you, Red Queen author. Keep it up and good luck on your career! :----)